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Junior Achievers Academy takes registrations throughout the year providing there are spaces available. Every September we send out a WELCOME to all the families that help outline what to expect when starting at Junior Achievers Academy. We also have a D​AILY ROUTINE  Please CONTACT US if you have any questions that may not be available on this website.

Junior Achievers Academy is licensed for a maximum of 8 children. This is a nice small group which is perfect for some one on one time as well as shared group time.

One to one time refers to the children called to the table during free play for a turn to do a specialized activity with the teacher. This time is for pre-math skills which may include: counting, sorting by color,shape and/or object, patterning, pre-printing skills, and for language arts: matching letters, repeating the short sounds, rhyming puzzles, matching first letter to object, pre-printing skills letters, puzzles, and coloring activites.

Center time may have some of these specialized activities just at a table to explore freely. 

Group Time is when we are all together in a small group and share stories, songs, felt board stories, and group discussions.

Outside time is daily! We put our Muddy Buddies on if wet and have fun! We take neighborhood walks, play in our large fenced in playground, and run and play games! 

A one time deposit of $50.00 is to register for your spot and applied to your first month here at Junior Achievers Academy.

If you are interested in PRICES click here, questions and/or registering for a future space please click CONTACT US

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